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A2B Components specialises in supplying a wide range of Nuts, Bolts, and Suspension parts for cars and vans. Since its establishment in 2013, the company has expanded its offerings from hub nuts to control arms and all components related to car suspension. At A2B Components, our primary objective is to simplify the work for technicians and mechanics.


We achieve this by providing comprehensive solutions conveniently packaged in a single bag, including the main part and all necessary fittings. Garage environments operate at a rapid pace, and it is crucial for suppliers to understand this dynamic and possess the knowledge to streamline the daily operations for garage owners. Bolts can snap, and parts can seize during any job.


Having gained experience in both the supplier and mechanic sides of the industry, we have developed a deep understanding of the importance of getting the right part on the first attempt. We recognise that time is of the essence, and getting the vehicle off the ramp promptly is imperative. Therefore, we ensure that our products are built to withstand these challenges and meet the highest standards of reliability.

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